The Legal 500 – Year 2020

  • Shipping Litigation

    Hall of Fame: Gregory Timagenis
    Next Generation Partners: Yiannis Timagenis

    The “excellent” lawyers at Timagenis Law Firm “are very well connected within the Greek maritime industry and court system”. The team’s key strengths lie in shipping debt and jurisdictional issues as it frequently handles matters such as debt-recovery claims for banks and other creditors, proceedings related to the enforcement of judgements and arbitral awards, the arrest of vessels and enforcement of the security package for ship loan agreements. Gregory Timagenis “continues to be a pioneer of shipping litigation” and heads the practice alongside the “methodical, knowledgeable and consistent”  Yiannis Timagenis.


    “Timagenis are all very good lawyers. They are also very well connected within the Greek maritime industry and court system. They have an excellent can-do attitude and are also very commercial.”

    Yiannis Timagenis is excellent and is always my first point of contact for Greek court related matters and arrests, injunction applications etc. He is extremely responsive, creative and an excellent lawyer. Also very easy to deal with.”

    “There are several aspects which make the firm unique, to just say a few: they have the expertise and strategic thinking to guide us through delicate issues, they are reliable and they are highly responsive.”

    “All the lawyers with whom we have worked over the years have the ability to distill and manage crucial technical aspects of the cases in collaboration with the technical and legal department of the organisation and present such issues before the courts or the administrative authorities in a simple and convincing way. All the cases the team handled so far had a successful result. Incidentally, the majority of the cases were complex and required strategic planning and coordination and the firm guided us effectively throughout.”

    “Particularly during the past 7 years we have been working closely with Yiannis Timagenis and Mariangela Vlachou who are both methodical, knowledgeable and consistent. They are simply brilliant. They are without any doubt worthy successors of Gregory Timagenis who continues to be a pioneer in shipping litigation.”

    “Timagenis Law Firm is the best firm in Greece dealing with the Shipping Litigation. We have co-operated in many different and all difficult cases and in each one the result was fantastic and always exceeded the expectations for our company.’

    “Obviously, Gregory Timagenis and Yiannis Timagenis are certainly stand-out partners.”

    “We have noticed that there is excellent team-work and true collaboration between partners / associates and trainees. Opinions are evaluated thoroughly and the client is listened to. There is not only knowledge but also great experience in shipping and commercial matters and the firm enjoys good reputation and respect within the market and the legal sector in general.”

    “Highly educated. Good on tactics. Gr. Timagenis is an expert of Law and of the market, with great sense of both legal and business aspects. A sharp-minded professional who likes to work on different scenarios and be prepared for any situation. V. Skouteris is a very meticulous lawyer, who analyses the legal aspects of a case thoroughly.”

  • Shipping Finance

    Hall of Fame: Gregory Timagenis
    Next Generation Partners: Yiannis Timagenis

    Timagenis Law Firm is “made excellent”  via its extensive “knowledge of shipping law in combination with its inexhaustible experience in the real world of the shipping industry”. The practice directs equal attention to representing borrowers and banks, acting on matters such as ship transactions, long-term timechaters, new loans, restructuring, supplemental agreements and the delivery of new vessels. The vastly-experienced Lily Timagenis oversees the department which Yiannis Timagenis, an expert in sales and leasebacks, shipbuilding and management agreements.


    “What makes unique Timagenis Law Firm is the excellent knowledge of the shipping law in combination with their inexhaustible experience in the real world of the shipping industry. The accuracy of providing the legal information required in the speed set by the in-house lawyer makes us choose them again and again because they are people we can count on.”

    “I would answer with one word: reliability. The experience that Mr Yiannis Timagenis and Mr Christos Timagenis among the rest exceptional Partners of Timagenis Law Firm (including of course without a doubt Gregory and Lily Timagenis) makes an in-house lawyer to rest assured that their opinion is provided without question marks; this is very helpful, especially when the legal department of a company urgently needs a legal opinion.”

    “Very well-knowledgeable team, spot on, commercial approach and result-driven. The reputation of the practice as a whole and of also of all separate individuals (I’ve worked with the majority of the team members) is utmost, providing extra comfort to all their clients.”

    “Exceptional Knowledge and experience both in shipping and finance Value for money Team work Ethics in their work Experienced and competent team of lawyers.”

    “Immediate and efficient reply. Commercial minded.”

    The Legal 500 Europe, Middle East & Africa 2020