Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions

The Firm has extensive experience in advising on joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and in preparing the necessary agreements and corporate structure, carrying out the necessary legal due diligence and organizing the completion of the transactions.

Among the publicised cases reference may be made to the Joint Venture of Epirotiki/Carnival (the biggest at that time Greek and the biggest world-wide cruise company) and the subsequent merger of Epirotiki and Sun Lines (the two biggest at that time Greek cruise companies) for the formation of Royal Olympic Cruises and the subsequent acquisition of ROC by Louis Lines up to the time of the liquidation of the Group. The acquisition of certain Barclays Bank’s branches by the Bank of Nova Scotia and Midland are also acquisition cases where the Firm acted as advisor. Finally, the acquisition of Strintzis Lines by Attica Enterprises and of all the Greek branches and other business of Barclays Bank Plc by HSBC are some of the Firm’s major acquisition projects.